Second Collection

For the cool and relaxed autumn.
We release our second official collection. Extra for the cool and relaxed autumn new exclusive hoodies and all that in top quality.

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A brand new update for our websites, which now appear in a fresh orange and a new shade of gray. Included is a new homepage, new buttons, as well as improvements on all subpages. On top of the update, Hyrien Universal+ adds the regions Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.


Music lives with you.

5,000 unique songs, updated every week with new hits from favorite artists. On the web, on your server or in our app you can listen to your flow. Soon also with loseless audio at each channel.

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Minecraft Server

The future of Minecraft.

Unique games in the latest version of the game Minecraft. Explore the vastness of the forests with friends and go on an expedition to deserted, unexplored islands. Coming soon with the latest version of our Minecraft server.

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Server Voting™️

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Which Minecraft server manages to work its way up to the pedestal among countless servers. The community of half a million viewers can decide which server is better. New every second month on our Twitter profile.

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