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Important The all-new Soccer Bot™

Extremly insightful. Exceptionally personal.
We are introducing our latest service the Soccer Bot™.


Portland, Oregon — Hyrien today revealed their new Soccer Bot™,
a bot that will inform you about the upcoming World Cup 2022 in Qatar
and the following UEFA European Championship 2024 in Germany.
Soccer Bot™ is now available for all users and can be invited on any server.

Soccer Bot™ will report all the events of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar,
post them to your personalized channel and keep you informed.
The elaborately simple bot puts a strong focus on porsonalization,
so you can decide yourself which events you want to receive and
which championships you want to be notified about.

“The brand new Soccer Bot™ is uniquely new to the market.
Easy to control, Hyrien offers a new tutorial command that sets up
the bot in three steps. Hyrien has also gone full international here,
so you can choose between almost 150 different regions from six continents
and got all the messages personalized,” said Eric M. the project manager.

The company looks forward to positive reviews of the new service and a positive future.