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Chief Operating Officer

After more than seven years, we are ready for a rebranding.
A completely new look, structure and strategy.


Portland, Oregon — As of today, it's official. Hyrien launches with a new logo and a completely new purple design.
Two purple wolves represent the company with full pride from now on. Behind the rebranding is also a new strategy
for more users and thus even greater success. More insights into the latest progress will follow in the near future.

Chief Executive Officer Kimi Reichardt says of the rebranding:
"We've also made some changes in the team. Instead of positions, all employees are on the same level and newly divided by services
and will work in small teams in the future. Everything is more modern and equalized, ushering a new era."

Hyrien is looking forward to emerging with a new splash and embarking on a new,
forward-looking path. We will also be releasing a brand new service soon.
Not open for further replies.