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Important Music Diversity — LATE NIGHT DRIVE & CROSSROADS

Kimi Reichardt

Chief Executive Officer

Two brand new stations joining HyFM.
The latest hits from Dance, EDM, Country and Americana.


Portland, Oregon — HyFM is expanding the diversity of its music offerings with
two new stations in spring of 2022, adding two completely new stations
with different genres to the existing five stations. According to information,
there are over 1000 different songs counted, all in Lossless Audio.

Titled LATE NIGHT DRIVE, the station will be released in April 2022
and will offer brand new EDM, Dance, Trap and countless other genres.

Already in May 2022, the company will release another station called CROSSROADS.
This station mainly offers the genre of Country with the most popular hits.
Also, this station is available in Lossless Audio.