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Introduction of FIRESIDE CHILL

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Kimi Reichardt

Chief Executive Officer
The radio station HyFM gets supplies.
Hyrien releases a brand new channel with countless new music.

Los Angeles, California — Today it's official Hyrien releases the new channel FIRESIDE CHILL.
The brand new channel offers relaxing music for studying, focused work or
just to think about nothing and enjoy the moment. The channel is already gaining popularity and
is especially popular among students, as well as in the gaming industry. The company has now
implemented this wish and publishes the channel on all platforms.

Media representative Dustin Ramos tells us:
"We would like to finally expand our offer a bit. By releasing the two channels
USRAP LIFE and PURE MOTIVATION last year, we have set a starting signal. Now we want to evolve
and have looked at user reviews and after analysis we found that this genre applies to many users."
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