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Discontinue Server Voting™

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Kimi Reichardt

Chief Executive Officer

Innovations, improvements and above all changes shape a good company.
As of August 1, 2022, Server Voting™ will be officially discontinued after three years.


Los Angeles, California — In May 2019, Server Voting™ was announced for the first time and
had caused a big stir in the Minecraft server scene right after the first season in July. Minecraft networks
could prove themselves against each other and see who has the better network.

In total, the service has collected over one million users. The highs in the summer of 2020
are close to half a million impressions. Thus, Hyrien ends the service with full success.

Chief Executive Officer Kimi Reichardt explains the closure as follows:
"For three years now, Server Voting™ has been with us, accounting for almost half of our existence.
Due to the current few networks and the strong pressure from the networks we have decided to
discontinue the service. We want to focus on a new service in the future."
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