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Kimi Reichardt

Chief Executive Officer
The most advanced audio update ever at Hyrien.
HyFM's Discord bot gets a big update, including the long-awaited permission update.


Oslo, Norway — Today, the Hyrien company releases a brand new update for HyFM's Discord bot.
It is called the most advanced audio update at Hyrien ever. The biggest change is
the new audio update. With an improved audio and a support for stage channels
the bot can now be used again without any problems.

Since half a year the permission extension is teased at HyFM.
With the AUDITORY UPDATE this extension is released. Each server can now set permissions
on their own server, which role or which user is allowed to edit the bot. The last thing to come is a new command
with which you can submit your music requests. The music request will then be processed by a staff member.
Also, all 21 regions have been reworked and improved so that all languages have no errors.

Get the most advanced and easy-to-use Discord audio bot on your server now.
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