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Patrik B.


For the fifth year in a row, we are publishing our annual good deed.
This year, it's about human rights in Qatar.


Portland, Oregon — As every year, the annual good deed starts on July 1 and continues until and
including September 30. This year it is about human rights in Qatar, due to the World Cup in November this year.
For every 3000 impressions on Twitter, the company donates $1 to Amnesty International.
Hyrien makes about 250 thousand impressions a month.

Employee Philip Langenbrink says: "Human rights are an important topic in society. Especially this year,
when we heard about the inhumane working conditions at the World Cup stadiums in Qatar."

The annual good deed always adds a zest to the year. Over the past four years,
we have donated an amount of $1135 to good organizations (excluding Gifts for Change).
Last year alone, the values were more than double what Hyrien expected.
So the managment expects a lot this year as well.
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