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Annual Good Deed 2021

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Kimi Reichardt

Chief Executive Officer
For the fourth year in a row, Hyrien is launching its annual good deed.
This year it's about plastic pollution in our oceans.

Portland, Oregon — The annual good deed creates a lot of buzz at Hyrien every year,
so this year the management decided to do another good deed. The company donates
after a period of three months a certain amount to an organization that fights against the current problem.

This year, Hyrien is donating to the organization 4ocean, with which the company already
has a good relationship. In 2019, a total of $414 was donated against the environmental problem.
The amount was generated based on page views. 4ocean has been campaigning against plastic pollution
all over the world for years and has its own boats as well as employees.

The management writes in a message that every 5000 users the company donates
$1 to the environmentalist organization. Hyrien reaches about a quarter of a million users a month,
so you can already assume a three-digit amount. The company is looking forward to many users who
want to help fight against plastic pollution and do something good for our world this year!

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