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Introduction of PROJECT NEPTUNE

Hello everyone,

Today we are happy to finally present our latest development from the conception and hereby announce the Neptune project.
Let's celebrate the 3rd anniversary of our most popular service HyFM together.

Project Neptune
On the occasion of the 3rd birthday of our radio station, we can finally announce that we will officially release an app for our radio. We have been working on a perfectly sophisticated app for over a year, which fits perfectly with our radio and will also be a new experience for the users.
With @Umar Abidi joining the team recently, we can now implement this project.

When do we publish the app?
We can't give an exact release date yet, but we are well on the way to releasing the app in early 2021.
It will probably be in the first three months.

For who will the app be available?
We can say straight away that for the time being we will only publish the app for the operating system iOS, as we can test the app there well and also know our way around the guidelines and the release. If we can see good impressions from user activity, we will also release the app for the operating system Android towards the end of 2021.

For more insights and to let us know when the app will be released, follow our Twitter Account @HyrienInc.

With best regards
Hyrien Incorporated

Internationalization 2021

Hello everyone,

We are choosing four new languages for internationalization in 2021. Which four new regions or languages will be chosen?
Everything about internationalization 2021 here in this announcement.

Eight choices
This year we have eight different selections and they come from all over the world.
From the west we have only Brazil with the Brazilian Portuguese. In the middle area come Italy and the United Arab Emirates and from the east, along with India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan, also South Korea with Korean.
With these languages we would like to expand our offer a little and offer even more users an individuality, who can access all services in their mother language.

You can now select the desired languages up to and including November 19th. In total, the four most popular languages and regions come to our services. These four regions will come to us in the course of 2021. In addition to the websites, our Discord Bot also offers these languages to choose from and, on request, we organize projects in the respective language.


We would be happy if you decide on one or more regions/languages. Thank you very much.

With best regards
Hyrien Incorporated

Just The Latest — HyFM

Hello everyone,

We are very happy to announce our latest update Just The Latest for HyFM today.
With this update our channel #original gets a completely new coat of paint.

New Rotation
As the name of the update suggests, we only play the latest from the music scene. With the update, our conception has come up with a new sequence of how the offer can be improved a bit so that you can hear a little of everything and so we now play the latest hits and the well-known mega hits from recent years in a certain order.

New Genres
So far, #original has always been considered the pop king of our three stations, as it only had pop and hip-hop, but that's over now! With this update, the variety is even greater and in addition to the two previous genres, we are offering countless new genres such as alternative, rock, rap, country and much more in one package.
For other genres, please contact our customer service or our Discord server.

Better Quality
We can finally announce that HyFM offers 100% a performance of 320 kbits. #Usrap and #summervibes already started with 320 kbits, but #original had been at 256 kbits for several years. With a little money our most popular channel can now be heard in the best quality.

Feel free to try out our new offer, because it can only be recommended! We hope of course that you like our latest update, otherwise we are happy to receive your feedback.
? As a side note, on October 24th we will be releasing a new channel for our radio. How do we like to say? The future just feels right.

With best regards
Hyrien Incorporated

Introduction of SAVAGE GAMES

Hello everyone,

Today, fresh from our kitchen of ideas, we are presenting our latest project SAVAGE GAMES.
What is the new project, when does it take place and what do we end with this new section can be found here in this post.

The new project takes place in the well-known game Minecraft and is about life and death. A multitude of players fight against each other in a specially built arena. Two players form a team. There are no other worlds, only this one arena. Whoever is last alive wins the game.

With this project we are ending the Hyro project, which has now reached over 20 seasons after five years. This project is the starting point of our company and will continue to play a major role in our history.
We would like to thank the over 200 players who took part and the winners of the 20 seasons.

The start of the new project is already in sight, in February 2021. The registration phase is expected to start at the end of November.

We are really looking forward to the start of the new project and hope that you are already excited. In order not to miss anything, follow us on Twitter or actively follow our forum.

With best regards
Hyrien Incorporated

Two new channels at HyFM

Hello everyone,

Our HyFM service has been in existence for almost three years. Our management has worked so hard in the last few months to publish two new channels.

#usrap - August 14, 2020
Under my direction, we put together the new #usrap channel. The channel features the latest and greatest hits from the rapper kings of the United States. Together with over 100 people from the United States, we have selected the most popular hits and are now permanently audible on our new channel.

Click here to hear #usrap.

#summervibes - August 21, 2020
The latest hits from this summer are now live on HyFM! @Craft24 sat down with @Kimi Reichardt and @HappyFr1tz to collect the best hits of the summer. Every week there are new hits from your favorite stars. Listen to our new channel #summervibes now!

Click here to hear #summervibes.

We wish you a lot of fun with the two new channels and look forward to your feedback.

With best regards
Hyrien Incorporated