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Official Discord Bot

Hello everyone,

Today we publish our official Discord bot, which can now be found permanently on our Discord.

What can it do?
We have prepared a total of 21 commands for you, which have been developed together with employees from the Conception area and are available to you.
In addition to daily rewards, a level system and a variety of games, we offer you an inventory where you can buy items with a virtual currency. With a sophisticated system, you can rank yourself up on the server and receive profits at the end of the year!

Permanent development
The idea of the bot is that we can continue to develop it over the long term and publish new commands and functions. Because of this, we are dependent on your ideas and we can also offer you new options. If you have any ideas, you can send them

We look forward to seeing you on our Discord and hope you enjoy the bot!

With best regards
Hyrien Incorporated

Season 20 - Hyro

Hello everyone,

Four months after the previous season, we are finally announcing the exclusive and special season 20. All information about the tournament is available here in the thread.

There is something to celebrate!
Season 20 is something special. We have been running new seasons of the project every year since August 2015.
Over 150 players are registered in the database, almost 100 killed and 24 deaths due to enemy mobs.

20th Season
As a little special there are the normal rules in this issue, as you know them from the official project. Each player is given something to eat at the start because the start is in a desert. We won't reveal any more about the map. Now for the data relating to the project: The tournament starts on July 4th, 2020 at 2PM after Eastern Standard Time.
The rules can be found on the homepage of Hyrien Tournaments, as well as the best players of the past seasons.

Winnings and prizes
We have prizes ready for the two finalists who make it onto the podium. The prizes can be shared between the two players.

🥇 1st Place: $40 Credit of your choice
🥈 2nd Place: $20 Credit of your choice

Now we are not stopping you from applying, so do it now to participate:

Participate with your friend now:

We look forward to many participants and an exciting project!

With best regards
Hyrien Incorporated

Coronavirus Update

Good day dear users of Hyrien Inc.,

In this post, we explain important updates to the coronavirus that affect Hyrien Incorporated.

Our servers in the United States have been severely affected by outages and problems in the past few days. The virus COVID-19 gets in our way, so the data center can intervene badly due to the curfew in the USA. We hope that the problems can be resolved in the coming weeks. We will keep you up to date on Twitter.

Furthermore, we strongly hope that you are well, that you remain healthy and that you listen to the government's instructions in this difficult situation.
We thank you very much for your attention and wish you much health.

With kind regards
Hyrien Incorporated

Statement about COVID-19

Good day dear users of Hyrien Inc.,

Since the corona virus is spreading all over the world and affects us, we would now like to comment on it and explain the change in Hyrien.

Our team very much hopes that everyone has thoroughly informed themselves about the corona virus and has also protected itself against it, or at least has taken some precautions to protect themselves, their family and the risk group against the virus. It is a very serious situation and can cause considerable damage in today's society. We know that you can't sit in your house all day and stay away from the fresh air for weeks, so take five minutes and enjoy the partly nice weather so that you can fill up with vitamin D and air your head. But we also see a positive side of the virus. Our environment is slowly recovering from the fact that we do not spend all of it in the great outdoors and unnecessarily pollute our world in a certain way.
Nevertheless, take great precautionary measures to protect the vulnerable.

Fortunately, there is no confirmed incident in our team, because we work separately and do not provide a company office, the risk of infection in the team is almost impossible. We are also happy to announce that our business hours will remain the same between 7am and 4pm EST.
With a lot of home offices, our team is able to work even more actively and concentrated on certain projects, so we are looking forward to announcing the first progress next week.

We thank you very much for your attention and wish you much health.

With kind regards
Hyrien Incorporated

5th Anniversary

Good day dear users of Hyrien Inc.,

The story of hyrien began today, 1827 days or five years ago. Today we celebrate our 5th anniversary with you!

Hyrien Saturn
The time has finally come, after five months we were able to complete Hyrien Saturn. Hyrien Saturn is the biggest update for our radio station HyFM!
With the update we have finally relocated from LautFM and now have our own station, which can only be reached via our website. In addition, HyFM offers a wide variety of hits, from the latest hits to the 10s, everything is included and that's not all! All songs are audible in an incredible sound like never before.
Create your own bot on Teamspeak or Discord, which we offer for you.

For the coming months we have planned a lot again, including projects in Hyrien Tournaments and we plan to reopen our Minecraft network in a final version.
A lot of information can be found around the day tomorrow.

A big THANK YOU to our users. After five years we have reached over two million users and we look forward to a new exciting adventure with you every day.
We look forward to publishing new projects in the coming months and hope that you will continue to have a lot of fun with us.
Now celebrate with us our birthday and a piece of cake of your choice for everyone.

With kind regards
Hyrien Incorporated