Annual Good Deed 2019

For the Annual Good Deed of Hyrien Inc., we have donated a huge amount this year to a good and purposeful organization. With about 8,000 page views we reach an amount of 414 dollar and 75 cents, which gets the company 4Ocean! The respective 20 bracelets are given as a gift to all participants.
Also get a bracelet by looking at our tweets. Continue to look over at 4Ocean and ours, as they both accomplish good deeds.

New version, better concept.

Welcome to the new era of the Hyrien Minecraft network.
Everyone knows them and everyone plays them, the default games that every typical Minecraft network has.
Our management can say "We are different.", because we are different. On the latest version of Minecraft, we'll be releasing new and spectacular concepts that no other network has ever released.
Already looking forward? Then you can earn a V3 beta code on our Twitter account.

Don't be a black sheep

of society and use less plastic in your life.

This fall.

The upcoming 3rd version of our network is approaching. We change everything and you can be a part. Your ideas can be implemented. Our forum is ideal for concept proposals and smaller details. Sign up today.