Wild West 2 - The resurrection

After more than three years, the second season of WildWest! Build your Emperium and trade with other players!


Hyro XVIII - Like a Chicken Special

« Fight like Wolves, dance like Chickens. » That's the slogan for the 18th season of Hyro. We continue with the version 1.8.


The Legends of Life I. - Eastern Special

« A world where you can start a new life. » Build a village and lead a good life. Shops, galaxies and much more waits for you in The Legends of Life I.

·• WildWest 2 •·

Welcome to the application-page of second season of WildWest.
Everyone can play on our Wildwest project. You just have to join on the IP
The project then begins on the June, 8th 2019 at 6pm BST and ends on the July, 27th 2019 at 7pm BST.
If you've got further questions regarding the project, contact