Annual Good Deed 2019

"Do something for your environment!"
For the coming months until October 1st, 2019 we donate for
every single page view on and 5 Cent to the organization 4Oceans!
You can participate now! More information to the Annual Good Deed 2019 can be found on the button below.

Innovative, committed and professional.

That's Hyrien.
With our 3 services the Minecraft projects, the Minecraft server and the largest our own radio HyFM we would like to offer something good to everyone who found us.
Joyfully, you can start your morning with our radio, which plays the latest and greatest hits, and turn your day into one of your best days in your life right in the morning.
All the team members of our company are motivated at work and all work for you to search your best music mix together and play for you ad-free.
All services are in green, so we do something good for the environment and protect ourselves and provide a better life for all living things on this earth.
Do not be shy and explore the world of Hyrien today.

A life without plastic

because we don't live alone in this world.

Fun at the highest level.

Coincidentally gamer? Then we have something for you.
Minecraft, the game of the last 10 years and everyone knows it. Latest version, new concept and much more behind the spectacular Minecraft network of Hyrien.
We want more than just fun and customized systems for every person. We want to be different and are already working on the best solution to run the whole company on green servers so as not to harm the environment.
Try our Minecraft network now. Just a few clicks away.

Security and privacy.

For all our users, who use our sites and our services, is the security and that every user's privacy is the most important thing for us.
We encrypt your data in a code of more than 100 characters, so we are protected against hacker attacks and your data is in safe hands at us.
Incidentally, we continue to develop our systems, so that your data is even more protected at us and no one comes to your encrypted data.

Green energy

is changing our world more than you think.